Friday, 16 December 2011

Character Background

This was the final project of the my 2nd year Digital Painting class. We were suppose to design a background and a character that goes with it. 

The style of this painting was mainly inspire by two of my all time favorite Japanese artists Miyazaki and Shinkai Makoto. 

The  mood of this painting, was suppose to feel relaxing or calm. I really liked the color choices I picked, I think it really suits the mood well. Also, I had a lot of fun experimenting with painting different textures on the plants, bushes, tree, grass, and clouds. 

The character design was inspired by Evie from Mabinogi Heroes and my personal hair style. 

Furthermore, this project really made me discover many new things. I've always believed that painting plants was a challenge, but I've enjoyed it, and I was very happy with the way this final painting turned out.

Layout Background

For this assignment, we needed to design a layout background, and digital paint it with colors.
I've chosen to do a painting of a bus stop. Reason why, maybe it's because it's just one of those typical places I go to everyday. 

As far as the progress goes, I do the design sketch. Then I paint with tonal value, and apply the colours to it. Finally adding on some shadows and highlights.

As for the final result. I wasn't too happy about this piece. Perhaps I may have been lacking some time on committing to work on it. Otherwise, I'd think I would've already applied some changes, which may include fixing the mood, sharpening the colors, adding on some more interesting textures, as well as showing more forms to certain objects, such as the bridge in the far back. 

Nonetheless, I like the general sketch of the layout. I think the composition was good, but the perspective in some parts can be better.

Sports Car

For this project, we were suppose to design our own vehicle, and paint it. At first I wanted to do a motorcycle, but I've decided to go with a four wheel vehicle instead. I choose to do a sports car, believing that I can benefit from learning more from it. 

As for the progress, I started off with a sketch of the design of the car. Along with that, I looked up on references on several sports cars, including BMW and HONDA. Next I applied the flat colors on top of my sketch to get a sense of where the light source. Finally, I do the shading, highlights, and rendering.

What I'm most satisfied about this painting is that from a distance it does look like a 3D Modeled car. However, I've lacked on applying the proper form of the tires. So, unfortunately for that, my tires had turned out to look flatten.

If I ever do another vehicle painting again, I will be more conscious on the wheels. It is so important. Knowing that without proper wheels formed, the car will not look like it can function properly.

Other than that, I think I've made a great attempt in doing this car painting. It was rather fun. Sometimes, I find it quite nice to work on other ideas, besides painting characters and backgrounds.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Monster

In this assignment, we were supposed to design a creature with a full body view, texture, minimal lines, and details including: skins, scales, hair, and face.

I started off by looking up references on dragons, and dinosaurs. Some particular inspirations may have included: Monster Hunter, and Pokemon monsters. When I have finally come through a final design of my creature, I did the usual gray scale procedure, by adding gray tones and highlights to it.
Then I came up with the theme of an Ice Dragon, and decided to use all cool colours. 
However, this painting incorporates mostly variations of blue colours. 

I was quite happy with the results. The cleanliness was there, silhouette was convincing, and leg armors were well rendered. In addition, I think this painting could've been furthermore developed, if I've added the scales on the skin. 

Hands and Head

Hands and head was mainly a character painting assignment. We were supposed to design a character with a dynamic pose. I first thought of doing bow and arrow, and it turned out to be a real challenge, especially getting everything into an effective angle.

As how the process goes, I first begin with gesturing a sketch, which also included human anatomy.
Then I roughly did a grey scale tonal over the sketch , just to get an idea of how the light source would work.
Thereafter, I went straight to colour painting, and rendering.

The assignment was rather fun to do, but I would’ve appreciated my work more, if I had putted a bit more time and effort in the rendering the colours and adding darker tones, so it would’ve had more significant dimension to the subject.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Layout Tonal Painting

This is a Background painting assignment. The main focus and subject was the lighting. Although, the light source I choose was from the window, it took me a few times to experiment it, to get it as close as accurate. The theme is Day Time. As for my process, I think the forms of the objects painted are well shown, but it could be stronger by having more contrast. My favourite part of this painting is the mood; it seems to have captured a good essence of emotion. Furthermore, I look forward to using more new techniques in approaching better refinements in my paintings.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Gorgizu Fish

A new Semester has begun! Our very assignment is doing a painting of a fish in Tonal value.
The progress of my painting works like this: 1. Sketch the design of the fish. 2. Establish a simple background and the tones (dark, mid tone, light, and reflective) accordingly. 3. Start rendering the tones, and smoothing it out by selecting the mid tones. 4. Then, working out the details, which includes refining the scales and the fins. 5. Finally, putting in any effects which may be necessary, such as bubbles. In addition, zooming out frequently is helpful to seeing the forms, as well as determining if there are any other problems that’s easily spotted by the eyes.