Friday, 4 November 2011

The Monster

In this assignment, we were supposed to design a creature with a full body view, texture, minimal lines, and details including: skins, scales, hair, and face.

I started off by looking up references on dragons, and dinosaurs. Some particular inspirations may have included: Monster Hunter, and Pokemon monsters. When I have finally come through a final design of my creature, I did the usual gray scale procedure, by adding gray tones and highlights to it.
Then I came up with the theme of an Ice Dragon, and decided to use all cool colours. 
However, this painting incorporates mostly variations of blue colours. 

I was quite happy with the results. The cleanliness was there, silhouette was convincing, and leg armors were well rendered. In addition, I think this painting could've been furthermore developed, if I've added the scales on the skin. 

Hands and Head

Hands and head was mainly a character painting assignment. We were supposed to design a character with a dynamic pose. I first thought of doing bow and arrow, and it turned out to be a real challenge, especially getting everything into an effective angle.

As how the process goes, I first begin with gesturing a sketch, which also included human anatomy.
Then I roughly did a grey scale tonal over the sketch , just to get an idea of how the light source would work.
Thereafter, I went straight to colour painting, and rendering.

The assignment was rather fun to do, but I would’ve appreciated my work more, if I had putted a bit more time and effort in the rendering the colours and adding darker tones, so it would’ve had more significant dimension to the subject.