Friday, 16 December 2011

Character Background

This was the final project of the my 2nd year Digital Painting class. We were suppose to design a background and a character that goes with it. 

The style of this painting was mainly inspire by two of my all time favorite Japanese artists Miyazaki and Shinkai Makoto. 

The  mood of this painting, was suppose to feel relaxing or calm. I really liked the color choices I picked, I think it really suits the mood well. Also, I had a lot of fun experimenting with painting different textures on the plants, bushes, tree, grass, and clouds. 

The character design was inspired by Evie from Mabinogi Heroes and my personal hair style. 

Furthermore, this project really made me discover many new things. I've always believed that painting plants was a challenge, but I've enjoyed it, and I was very happy with the way this final painting turned out.

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