Friday, 16 December 2011

Sports Car

For this project, we were suppose to design our own vehicle, and paint it. At first I wanted to do a motorcycle, but I've decided to go with a four wheel vehicle instead. I choose to do a sports car, believing that I can benefit from learning more from it. 

As for the progress, I started off with a sketch of the design of the car. Along with that, I looked up on references on several sports cars, including BMW and HONDA. Next I applied the flat colors on top of my sketch to get a sense of where the light source. Finally, I do the shading, highlights, and rendering.

What I'm most satisfied about this painting is that from a distance it does look like a 3D Modeled car. However, I've lacked on applying the proper form of the tires. So, unfortunately for that, my tires had turned out to look flatten.

If I ever do another vehicle painting again, I will be more conscious on the wheels. It is so important. Knowing that without proper wheels formed, the car will not look like it can function properly.

Other than that, I think I've made a great attempt in doing this car painting. It was rather fun. Sometimes, I find it quite nice to work on other ideas, besides painting characters and backgrounds.

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