Friday, 16 December 2011

Layout Background

For this assignment, we needed to design a layout background, and digital paint it with colors.
I've chosen to do a painting of a bus stop. Reason why, maybe it's because it's just one of those typical places I go to everyday. 

As far as the progress goes, I do the design sketch. Then I paint with tonal value, and apply the colours to it. Finally adding on some shadows and highlights.

As for the final result. I wasn't too happy about this piece. Perhaps I may have been lacking some time on committing to work on it. Otherwise, I'd think I would've already applied some changes, which may include fixing the mood, sharpening the colors, adding on some more interesting textures, as well as showing more forms to certain objects, such as the bridge in the far back. 

Nonetheless, I like the general sketch of the layout. I think the composition was good, but the perspective in some parts can be better.

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